Translation of Matthew Macfadyen Interview from Press clipping (Sep 2011)

Carmen was kind enough to scan an article about Matthew Macfadyen in the gallery and Mia translated some interesting portions from the interview as follows:

About Three Musketeers--

Macfadyen, better known for his roles in Pride and Prejudice and Death at a Funeral, says that, when he got the script he got a little scared because he thought is was too risky. "But then I thought, why not?" although he recognized that "purists will not like it but let’s let others enjoy this movie because this is an adventure film. There are people that may think that the movie should be true to the original but this book is so rich that there can be different adaptations." About the difference with "other more serious movies, there is not much difference in the way we work, You read the script and you play the part. Also, not complaining about spending some time in Germany."

About his role as Athos--

For his role of Athos-ninja the British actor Matthew Macfadyen accepts that "I had to get in shape and take a lot of fencing classes but it was worth it because it is something that I had not done before. I enjoyed it a lot to work with that team. The team spirit of ‘one for all and all for one’ was present during filming."

On Death at a Funeral--

... he recognizes that where he really had a good time was when he did Death at a Funeral. "I am very fond of the movie; it was lots of fun and I could not stop laughing. Maybe the movie did not do justice to the very funny script. Also, my real wife was my wife in the movie and that made it better."

Thank you Carmen and Mia!