Spooks- The End of an Era

Tonight was the 10th and final series for Spooks.  It began with Tom Quinn and ended him, too.  Here are some of the comments made:


Was that Matthew Macfadyen turning up right at the end for a valedictory cameo to whack a Russian? (It was.)

Daily Mail

The buzz around Spooks reminded me that, when it first aired in spring 2002, it was every woman’s fantasy to go out with the fictional MI5 agent Tom Quinn, played by Matthew Macfadyen.


And then, of course, we come to our mystery star guest. The return of Tom Quinn, now apparently working as an MI6 assassin but still with a nice line in stylish jackets. Obviously it made no sense at all. Obviously it was super cheesy. But obviously I completely loved it – despite knowing it was coming.

(A comment left on the Guardian review is too irresistable not to post here:)

...but as a viewer from the very beginning I bid Spooks a sad farewell. And Tom's return, despite making no sense given the reasons behind his departure from the grid, was a wonderful nod to long-standing fans. For a moment I thought we had cut to a Marks & Spencer commercial but was delighted to realise Tom Quinn was back.