Ripper Street: Telegraph Review of Episode 1

And here's what the Telegraph had to say.  Read the full review HERE.

I don’t much care for procedurals or the casual butchery that tends to come with them but Ripper Street worked – just about. It quickly established a triangular “bromance” between strait-laced Macfadyen, a rakish American surgeon (Adam Rothenberg) and Flynn, who played a salt-of-the-earth Lahndaner who got punched a lot. As is always the case with procedurals, it takes vivid performances to compensate for the dull grind of all the exposition. Macfadyen has such gravitas these days that he adds weight to any production. But the other two held their own, which makes you wonder what Flynn – bar a similarly brutish role in fantasy series Game of Thrones – has been doing this last decade or so while Robson Green has been Extreme Fishing.