Ripper Street: Second Series to begin filming in April

MyAnna Buring, who stars with Matthew Macfadyen in Ripper Street and will be starring with Matthew in the film Epic had told a Swedish newspaper the following.

She begins by saying Epic is filming in January 2013. [Translation by the imperfect google translation:]

And MyAnna Buring has been busy in 2013:

- In January I go to Georgia to record a comedy called "Epic" with a director named Ben Hopkins . Where do I play against Matthew Macfadyen again, we play in "Ripper Street" also and it will be fun to play a completely different role with him, she says.

Here MyAnna says that filming for series 2 of Ripper Street will be from April to August.

After waiting the new recordings of "Downton Abbey" and then MyAnna have also been told that even "Ripper Street" gets a second season:

- It will be in april we are recording the continuation of the series. So it takes me until August so it looks like it will be a pretty full 2013 too, she says.