Ripper Street: Press Comments

As we approach December 30th and the airing of the first episode of Ripper Street, here are a few comments from various magazines & newspapers:

What's On TV: 

"Ripper Street is a superbly dark new eight-part crime drama. "  "Terrific stuff"


Matthew Macfadyen talking about the real Victorian DI Edmund Reid: "Reid hunted the Ripper with Fred Abberline [played by Clive Russell], but he was a druid and a balloonisst. I think he was the first man to jump out of a balloon with a parachute.  Yeah, he threw himself out of a balloon at Crystal Palace. But I have to stress that I'm not doing that."

Later episodes tackle child gangs, bare-knuckle boxing, a cholera outbreak, slum clearances and even terrorism. But the heart of the gritty drama is the relationship between its three world-weary protagonists.

A huge thank you to Jane for sharing!