Ripper Street: Den of Geek Review of Episode 1

Here's what Den of Geek had to say.  Be sure to read the whole review HERE.

Ripper Street has been trailed as being dark and intense, and this first episode does not let the audience down. It’s realistic, adult, and often bleak, but also sexy, exciting, and leaves you begging for the next one. Apparently a second series has already been commissioned without the first episode having been aired.


The running time comes in at around fifty minutes, ideal for the Beeb to air to our American friends overseas on BBC America, where the show premieres mid-January. Middle aged women of middle England-put down your Fifty Shades of Grey - I beg of you - and put on BBC One and tune in to Ripper Street. You won't be disappointed. Oh my. You might even drop your Quality Street.