The Review Show comments on Any Human Heart

The Review Show tonight reviewed Any Human Heart and Jane was kind enough to transcribe some of the glowing comments:

Sarah Churchwell, Writer and Academic:

This is his (MM's) episode as far as I'm concerned. He brings so much intelligence to the part, so much modulation and nuance, that I just kept wanting to watch more of him, altho' I tend to watch Matthew Macfadyen when he's on the screen anyway!

David Hayman, Actor and Director:

Matthew Macfadyen comes on the screen, and I agree with you, Sarah, he just lifts the whole thing, because the internal dynamics of that part, and not necessarily a sympathetic character, suddenly began to begin

Sarah Crompton, Arts Editor, Daily Telegraph:

I certainly thought that it picked up when Matthew Macfadyen appeared... he brings a wonderful intelligence to it