Perfect Nonsense: meeting Matthew Macfadyen

There were six of us Darcylician's shivering at the stage door for Matthew Macfadyen to leave.  We saw the wonderful  Stephen Mangan leave and later return.  We all told him that the play was brilliant, which he clearly enjoyed hearing.   Later, Matthew stepped out and came towards us to chat.  He looked so thin and handsome (both onstage and off!).  We gushed about the play and his many roles.  I told him he had amazing energy on stage, at which point he drooped with fatigue, amusing us all.

While signing autographs and taking photographs, he told us we won't have long to wait for Ripper Street, and that the second series was even better than the first.  He would even be interested in a third series, if it happened. 

He isn't sure when Epic will be released.  A Miracle may begin filming at the end of next year.

His part in Ambassadors is small (filmed in a day) but he will appear in all 3 episodes.

I'm sure I have forgotten bits so please join us in the forum to read other people's impressions.  Here's a cropped photo of Matthew that I took tonight.