Part 2 of Female First interview with the cast of Three Musketeers

Here are some comments Matthew Macfadyen made in the second portion of the interview with Female First

Matthew Macfayden: It was hard to get Orlando [Bloom] to take the clothes off he was the Duke of Buckingham - if we’d have let him he would have gone home dressed like that.

About James Corden--Did it become a challenge for him to make you crack up?

Matthew Macfayden: We just gave him more things to carry.

Macfayden: He thought he was on some hidden camera show because on the first few days, just by coincidence, he had to carry loads of heavy things.

About the fight scenes

Matthew Macfayden:  We spent ten days doing that first fight and it was the first thing that we shot.

To Milla Jovovich--

Matthew Macfayden: You screwed us over. You broke my heart (laughs).