Orlando Bloom and Matthew Macfayen Interview (Three Musketeers)

flicksandbits.com has posted an interview with Matthew Macfadyen and Orlando Bloom.  You can read the full interview HERE.

An excerpt from Matthew:

What role does Athos play in ‘The Three Musketeers’?

Matthew Macfadyen: Athos and M’lady De Winter, played by Milla Jovovich, were lovers before she betrays him very cruelly quite early in the story. I think in the books originally he’s the oldest of the Musketeers, he looks on D’Artagnan as a bit of a son, there’s a father/son thing going on. That’s not strictly true in this adaptation, but there’s bits of that. The Three Musketeers are the Kings guards, they’re elite soldiers, the three heroes are great friends and they’ve had a lot of history together. They’ve been on forty two or forty three missions together so they’re very close, there’s a true true bond between them. .

There’s a great number of fight sequences and stunning locations in the film, what was that like for you?

Matthew Macfadyen: The fighting was great (laughs). When my agent rang and said they’re making a film on ‘The Three Musketeers’ I just started laughing – it’s one of those dream jobs. The fighting was great, our first ten days of filming we shot a huge fight with forty stunt men in a big square in Bamberg, Bavaria. The fighting was great.

We shot in the Residenz in Munich, which I think is the first, and probably the last time anyone’s allowed to film in there (laughs). It was endless location after location, beautiful, just beautiful locations. My favourite one was this big country house in which the family that own it only use it every summer. It was the Venetian safe-house, it was three hundred years old, shells on the walls, lots of mirrors – it was very beautiful.

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