More reviews of The Three Musketeers

Here are two more reviews from The Three Musketeers (thanks to Mia):

The Daily Star

...when it comes to pure family entertainment, this version puts many of its more high-minded predecessors to the sword.

His [Anderson] film hurtles along, poking at our eyes with 3D swords and wowing us with outbreaks of swashbuckling and airship battles. He’s aided by some great set and costume design and decent CGI effects.

The cast are pretty solid too. Even James Corden puts in a surprisingly likeable turn as the film’s comedy fatty Planchet.

This is a family film that really does have something for everyone.

Top-notch casting and impressive special effects create a film that will keep fans of good-quality blockbuster entertainment enthused. Collectively, these musketeers generate an engaging and likable screen presence while the hunktastic Lermon anchors proceedings brilliantly.