More Atho-licious reviews of The Three Musketeers

It's now official that The Three Musketeers has opened in Germany, and several of our forum members have travelled far and wide to watch the movie.  Here are some snippets from their posts in the forum (either the review or three musketeers threads):

Marina (who travelled 2 hours to see it)-- 

I didn´t expect too much, so I liked it. It is a movie for teenies, superficial, but entertaining.

I very much liked the dresses and the locations. As Ive been at almost all the locations it was incredibly exiting for me.

Athos is the musketeer , who talks most, ...and he talked with a very deep voice, and like in the trailer the first thing we hear is his voice (voiceover)

There have been many parts to smile or laugh, but its not a very funny movie. I very much liked the French king, he was really sweet and funny....and Portos is impressive too, his acting was great.


Blown much to see of Athos, close -ups, open shirts (too less), kissing Milla at the very beginning, deep glances to her...dubbing voice not too bad this time....

It is really funny sometimes, people were laughing and I think they liked it.The airships were perfectly made.

They made the end to have the possiblility for a sequel...


But the overall impression was a very positive one and I liked it, I felt... well entertained, and it even had surprising scenes.

One of the surprises was the screen-time of MM [Matthew Macfadyen] as Athos, it was just great (of course, still could have been more). And he kissed her (Milady).  Twice in the opening sequence!

Best things:

- Matthew was simply brilliant! He was a wonderful Athos and I suffered for him, when he was aboard the airship and was ....(edited to remove spoilers)
- I very much liked Porthos, too. Good performance of RS.
- CW as Richelieu, classic!

But I recommend to watch it! Please go and have a look, because it's great, great, great fun! You can feel that MM had a good time being part of this film, that he enjoyed being in an action-focused cloak-and-sword film, swashbuckling his way through it. It's worth only for watching him, his part is quite big!

Thank you so much for sharing your reviews with us!