Meeting Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes at San Sebastian

Darcylicious was fortunate to have two members travel to the San Sebastian Film Festival and were lucky enough to meet both Keeley and Matthew.  Luce and Carmen have been relating their encounters with us in the forum.

However, here are some small details:

  • Matthew and Keeley recognized Luce and Carmen from their previous theatre stage-door encounters in London/Bath!  In fact, the conversation became quite animated, at least from the photos that have been shared (you can view them in the gallery).
  • Filming for Anna Karenina begins next week and filming with the actors will all occur in London and not in Russia.  Matthew is excited to work again with Joe Wright.
  • The speculation about Spooks could not be confirmed or denied.

Thanks to Matthew, Keeley, Luce and Carmen!