Maxine Peake Interview for Criminal Justice

Ian Wylie has now posted his interview with Maxine Peake for the Manchester Evening News

Also Maxine Peake had an interview in the TV Times and had the following to say about Matthew (thanks to JaneV):

"Joe is in hospital for a while, so you don't know if he makes it or not", reveals Maxine..... "But because it's Matthew Macfadyen playing him, all the ladies watching will be going, "Please let him survive - I'll switch over if he dies!".....

Maxine... has worked with Matthew a number of times... "We did The Way we Live Now...."He is gorgeous and brilliant, with this real ease about him. Matthew makes everything look effortless. It's sickening really," she chuckles. "He rocks up, everybody swoons, he does his bit and then off he goes."