Matthew's comments about Three Musketeers

Doris, who is a German member of the forum, received some information from Constantin Film, about Three Musketeers (Die drei Musketiere) and was kind enough to translate and share some of the information pertaining to Matthew Macfadyen:

Macfadyen about Anderson

Paul's never ending enthusiasm and energy were very much inspiring and catching.

Macfadyen about the story

Here we have a great script, a wonderful cast and phenomenal locations - and with this perfect mix we can tell the classic tale of friendship, love and fidelity completely new.

Macfadyen about the production

It was exactly the thing I've always dreamt of. Who does not want to be swashbuckling through an epic costume drama like this? In particular when the film is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson whose films certainly all are showing his unique visual handwriting. It's an ensemble piece not only being focused on the three musketeers. There are so many amazing figures in this all-time story of politics, love, action, humour and treason.

Macfadyen about Athos:

He was betrayed, his heart was broken which made him being grumpy and non-communicative and that's why he became a drunkard. But when D’Artagnan arrives in Paris, Athos notices that this young man retrieves all the ideals that he once had in his own youth and that had been lost in the course of the years. He becomes a father figure to young D'Artagnan and slowly returns to real life.

Macfadyen about the sea shell grotto at Schloss Weissenstein/Pommersfelden, one of the fantastic filming locations

The set decorators had put many water basins in there and so there were many light reflexions on the splendid ceiling. What a sight that was! Beautiful and I felt so happy and privileged for being able to work in this extraordinary atmosphere.

Co-producer Robert Kulzer about Macfadyen

He is playing the role of Athos really brilliantly - with dignity and elegance, but also with a certain hidden, seething violence and brutality.

Thank you, Doris!