Matthew Macfadyen currently filming in Barcelona for Any Human Heart

It had previously been twittered that filming for Any Human Heart had moved to Spain temporarily.  One of our intrepid forum members from Spain, piper_maru, discovered the filming site and even had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Macfadyen briefly.  According to piper, Matthew looked handome in his period outfit as he awaited his next scene.  The production staff says that filming will take place in Barcelona and Girona for an overall period of 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, Matthew hasn't been able to take in the lovely sites of Barcelona (yet!) as he's been so busy filming.

Thank you piper_maru for relaying the details of your exciting day (you can read more about it in the forum). 

We all hope that Matthew can take time to attend the Bafta ceremonies this Sunday 6 June, in London.  Matthew has been nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role in Criminal Justice.  Good Luck Matthew!