Matthew Interview for Frost/Nixon

Matthew has done an interview for Film News (along with Oliver Platt). You can read the full interview here.

How did you research your respective roles? Matthew, I believe you met the real John Birt?

Matthew Macfadyen: Yeah, I met him for lunch. It's weird portraying someone you've met, you don't necessarily think they're going to give you feedback but there is a sort of responsibility. I remember Kevin [Bacon] playing Jack Brennan when he was actually on the set. And on my last shot in the film John Birt was there in LA on business so I could see him behind the monitor watching me playing him!

He's portrayed in ultimately quite a sympathetic light isn't he? (about Nixon)

Matthew Macfadyen: I don't think it hurts to show that side of him. He's been demonised over the last 30 years, and with good reason, but it doesn't mean he's not still a human being.

People have been drawing parallels between President Nixon and George W. Bush...

Matthew Macfadyen: Yes, probably because they're both dirty, filthy, lying politicians!