Matthew-centric Reviews from the UK, Spain and France!

This is one of my favourite posts.  Posting reviews where Matthew Macfadyen is the focus.  Darcylicious brought you reviews from Germany and Austria, and now I have the pleasure to bring you some reviews from Spain,  France and the UK! Ladies and Gents, he's worth it and the movie is a big success in the forum.

Here are some of the comments:

Jane (England): I thought Matthew was just perfect as Athos... his wonderful voice was so well employed, and he looked so handsome

Carmen (Spain): I watched the film for the second time on Sunday. I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time in San Sebastian.  ...the film is great fun.

Smitten (England): D[ear] H[husband] said that he thought that Matthew was very good at the straight, dead-pan humour and that he would have been a good foil to Corden's usual character.
All in all I would recommend it as a good, fun-filled, tongue-in-cheek romp, with plenty to keep everyone happy, not just those of us who were there just to drool at Matthew.

Emanuelle (France): MM's really just perfect, the best, IMHO. Gives real presence and feelings to his character. And the fight scene  in slo-mo at the beginning is just [thudworthy]

Angelic (Scotland):  There are two actors that stand out from the others: M[atthew] M[acfadyen] but it's not his fault, he's too charismatic for the others to handle, and he has this "intense" way to play a role. He really stole the show.

Thank you, everyone!