A Matthew-centric review of Enid

Forum member, Chloe, was fortunate to attend tonight's Bafta screening of Enid.  She has posted her full review in the forum, but here are some choice bits:

It is a beautifully made, subtle and elegant film and Matthew is fantastic in it. He's not bald (thank heavens!) but does have very slicked back hair and also a rather odd moustache (like a small animal on his lip) - I suspect it was really his moustache, but it could have done with a bit of trimming!! 

(I couldn't resist adding the bit about the mustache.  Sorry Chloe)

Lots of heart-rendingly sad expressions from Matthew. He's in quite a lot of the film (about a third of it) and there are some priceless moments in it - one of which is when Matthew sings. He sings that song "Run Rabbit, Run, Rabbit, run, run, run....." in a really surprisingly tuneful voice. He can certainly hold a tune well and has a lovely voice, even when his character is supposed to be a bit sloshed! I think that was the first time I ever heard him sing.
Matthew has a lovely, absolutely "on-pitch" bass voice!

There's much more about Matthew and his role in the forum.  About Helena Bonham Carter:

Anyway, we both loved it - it really holds the attention and has been beautifully crafted. Helena Bonham-Carter is really superb in it, the best role I think I've ever seen her play. 
Thank you so much for sharing your review, Chloe!