Matthew at the Berlin Premiere of The Pillars of the Earth

October 26th was the big premiere of The Pillars of the Earth in Berlin.  Ikyberlin posted her story which I have included here:

"Yesterday I was at the premiere of The Pillars of the Earth here in Berlin. They were almost all the major actors of the film, the writer Ken follet and many German celebrities there. Donald Sutherland was great. Matthew unfortunately wasn't on the red carpet, because he was still working until 9.00 pm at the movieset for the Three Musketeers. I was lucky that there was a photographer, whom I knew and he took us to the VIP party. At 10.30 pm Matthew arrived with some fellow Musketeers to the VIP party. He had been in a hurry, but he still gave us autographs an we were able to take a few pictures. I stayed only a short time at the VIP party, because it was getting late and I had to get up eary the next morning for work. Although I didn't have the chance to talk to much with MM. It was a fantastic evening to meet all the other celebrities who are just as "normal" human beings as we are. Greetings from Berlin:))) Ikyberlin"


Thank you so much Ikyberlin for sharing your story with all of us!