Maryp Meets Matthew Macfadyen

Maryp went to the Bafta-TV awards on 20 April, 2008 with the hopes of meeting Matthew Macfadyen. She was lucky to do so and has related to us her experience in the forum.

The following is a small excerpt from her exciting experience

He signed my photo and I said something like 'Matthew, I've got a message for you from Darcylicious' and he chuckled - it was a lovely sound and he had a wide smile on his face. I asked if I could hold his hand and he said 'of course' - so I did - but I can't remember if I held it with one of my own or both!!

I said 'we have a special delivery on it's way to you with all our love and congratulations. You are always a winner to us and we wish you the very best of luck!' He said 'that is so sweet, thank you very much, that is lovely'.

This lovely picture taken by Soule of the AA forum and shared by Milton, captures the moment that Maryp was holding Matthew's hand, and hinting about our gift to him.

Thank you Maryp for sharing this moment with us, and expressing all of our thoughts and good wishes for Matthew. 

Maryp Meets Matthew Macfadyen