German "InStyle" Magazine Interview

Doris has shared an interview Matthew Macfadyen gave for the German magazine "InStyle".  She was also kind enough to provide the following English translation.

Nice thief...

Actor Matthew Macfadyen ("Robin Hood") on marriage and sins.

Since November 15, there is Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth on TV/SAT1 (mondays, 20:15h). Brit Matthew Macfadyen plays Prior Philip, fighting for the building of a new cathedral. Time for a little confession.

What do you like on historical dramas?
I like dressing up. And I love sumptuous costumes. But in private life I prefer wearing Paul Smith Jeans and basic Jeager shirts.

What was your family saying when you went home with that monk's tonsure?
My kids thought the chaplet was awful and my wife didn't like the rather unsexy half bald style either.

Are you a religious/believing person?
No. My wife and I didn't get married in church, only at the register.

So you never go to church or a service?
I do, on the occasion of a late night mass or when attending concerts because I like the atmosphere then. St. Paul's Cathedral then really is unique.

Did you ever break any of the ten commandments?
When I was eleven me and my friend stole a violin from school. We wanted to sell it up in a musicstore but it didn't work. So we were nice boys and brought it back to were it belonged.

Are you a good husband?
I do hope so. At least I still tuck small romantic love notes under my wife's pillow after six years of marriage.

Underneath the interview it says: Three most liked pieces of Matthew: 1. Fashion: The actor is wearing basic Jeager shirts, 2. Music: He is very keen on first album of Scissor Sisters, 3. His favourite red wine is coming from Lebanon... and finally: "Pillars of the Earth" with Matthew Macfadyen in December on DVD!


Caption of Matthew from Frost/Nixon NYC premiere says: Why that serious look? Withal Matthew Macfadyen has a lot of humour!"

German "InStyle" Magazine Interview