First Darcylicious Review of The Three Musketeers in 3D

Thanks to Arco, we know have our first Matthew Macfadyen-centric review of the Three Musketeers in 3D.  Arco was lucky enough to win tickets to a sneak preview of 3M. In her own words:

And what can i say - it is a humorous, fantastic, smashing adventure film.

The filming locations, the costumes are wonderful and especially the swords fight scenes are extraordinary good.

Great performances of Waltz - Cardinal Richelieu (superb), Porthos (very funny), the king (very tragical and naïve character), and of course MM [Matthew Macfadyen] (the film begins with him)!

MM is the leader of the 3M and he only is a little bit fatherlike to D´Artagnan.  He has most of the speaking parts, is sometimes very humorous, but also a little bit melancholic - perfect role for MM!

Only his sword fight scene is in slow motion - wow - very athletic and powerful.

Yes, some of us fans do look at his footwear whenever he is caught in public or onscreen.  What can we say, we're fans.  Arco had this to say about Matthew Macfadyen and some of his trademark gestures as well as his footwear:

There are two big charming smiles and many great eyebrowsex moments and especially for "boots fetish friends" – his boots are in front of the camera in a special moment.

And finally, to sum it up:

Great movie, have fun [watching it]!

Thank you so much for this early review!  You'll be reading more from other Darcylicians in the coming days!