A few more reviews of Incendiary from Sundance

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Based on a prescient novel released two days before the London bombings, Incendiary is a well-written, beautifully shot look at sex, politics, and grief in the aftermath of a personal and global tragedy. Williams (and the rest of the cast, for that matter) is superb, and our quibbles are truly minor. The guys we were with didn't quite "get" everything in Incendiary, but it had us weeping like big babies. Now that's what we call a festival film. More please!

StellaDallas of IMDb

Well that certainly sounds much more grand than the movie was. Ewan's role is almost besides the point; it's mostly scenes of Michelle Williams shrieking, weeping, becoming unglued, talking to Osama in voice-overs and having flashbacks. There is one moderately explicit sex scene between Ewan and Michelle, and the football stadium attack and mourning aftermath was well done. I also liked the young man playing Michelle William's little boy. I am a New York native who was at home on 9/11 and who was in London the week before the bombings, so I am not unsympathetic to the film's POV, but I feel as though it missed the mark somewhere along the line.

Filter Magazine

And then there was Incendiary, featuring a fully formed female lead from the director who made Bridget Jones's Diary (who knew?). Like Ms. Jones, the Brit in this tale (played with a more than passable accent by Michelle Williams) has to choose between a nice guy (Matthew MacFadyen) and a cad (Ewan McGregor). But since the story takes place after a terrorist attack in London, this well-written, strongly acted, and strikingly shot film is about sex and grief in a time of tragedy. Now that's what we call a festival film.

FilmSchoolRejects gives it a B