Evening Standard Interview with Matthew Macfadyen (Nov 2010)

The London Evening Standard has an interview with Matthew Macfadyen in preparation for this Sunday's airing of "Any Human Heart". Here's a small excerpt:

I meet this handsome bear of a man at his publicist's office in Soho. He looks almost unrecognisable from Any Human Heart, with a beard and henna rinse. (He's currently shooting Three Musketeers with Christoph Waltz, Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich. “I was getting fish and chips the other day, and this woman said, What have you done to your hair? You used to be quite good-looking in Spooks',” he mock-groans. He has a reputation for being “notoriously difficult” in interviews but I find him funny and modest, with a nicely subversive streak. He jokes that it's his pudding face and cow eyes that make him appear naturally sympathetic on screen.