Episode 9 of Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Ep 9/14
Wednesday 26 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

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The Dorrits's Grand Tour takes them on to Venice, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic continues. Unlike the rest of the family, Amy is struggling to adapt to her new, wealthy lifestyle. Mr Dorrit can't understand why and begins to lose patience with her, particularly as she keeps making reference to the old days – the very times that he longs to obliterate from his memory. Amy's uncle, Frederick, is the only one who seems sympathetic to how she feels.

Back in London, Arthur finds himself missing Amy and throws himself into his work, resolving to take up Doyce's case at the Circumlocution Office.

Amy and Arthur begin a correspondence and these letters, along with Amy's growing friendship with Pet, are what keep her going. However, every time Amy wants to see Pet, she finds she has to see Rigaud, too. And, much to her discomfort, Rigaud seems intent on finding out more about her – whether she likes it or not.