Episode 8 of Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Ep 8/14
Thursday 20 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Read below for Synopsis (Spoilers):

The Dorrits make their triumphant departure from the Marshalsea, while Arthur looks on in the knowledge that he may never see them again, as the Dickensian drama continues. Mr Dorrit has instructed that the friendship with Arthur be brought to an end as he wants to leave the past, and everyone in it, behind him.

Mr Dorrit wastes no time in employing that paragon of social virtue, Mrs General, to offer instruction in etiquette to his daughters. Mrs General suggests that the family goes on a Grand Tour and, before they know it, the Dorrits have left the country. Amy, however, doesn't leave without ensuring that her friends – the poverty-stricken Plornishes and Maggy – are well-provided for and everyone, especially Arthur, and even the cold-hearted Mrs Clennam, reflects on how much they will miss her.

The first person that the Dorrits encounter on their Grand Tour is Rigaud, who is travelling with the newly-wed Gowans. Much to Amy's discomfort, the alarming Frenchman seems to take a special interest in her...