Episode 6 of Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Ep 6/14
Thursday 13 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

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Pancks continues his investigation, recruiting John Chivery to help him with his enquiries, assuring him that it's all in the interest of his beloved Amy, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit continues. He also recruits a lawyer, Mr Rugg. But all Pancks's flitting about the place does not go unnoticed, and Amy starts to wonder what he's up to.

Meanwhile, determined to try his luck, Arthur returns to Twickenham to propose to Pet. However, Pet breaks the news to him that she has decided to marry Gowan and Arthur returns to London, thoroughly disheartened.

Behind him, in Twickenham, Tattycoram finally decides that she has had enough of being ordered about and storms out of the house – declaring that she is leaving for good. Meagles, deeply concerned for her welfare, enlists Arthur to help him find her. They correctly guess that she's gone to Miss Wade's, but will they be able to convince her to part from the woman who seems to have such a powerful hold over her?