Episode 4 of Little Dorrit

Episode 4 of Little Dorrit will be shown from 8-8:30 on Thursday, 6 November on BBC1

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Sensing a rival in Arthur, John Chivery decides to make his move and propose to Amy, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit continues. He is too late. Since she met Arthur, Amy knows she can never love John the way he needs her to and turns down his proposal. John is heartbroken – and Mr Dorrit is extremely put out that his daughter has upset the Chiverys, from whom he gets so much preferential treatment in the Marshalsea.

Arthur, meanwhile, entirely ignorant of Amy's growing feelings for him, is also disappointed in love when he meets Pet's rival suitor, Henry Gowan. However, he enjoys meeting the Meagles's family friend, inventor and engineer Daniel Doyce. Henry has been looking for a new business venture since his return to England. Could he have found the ideal partner in Doyce?

Cavalletto arrives in London, only to discover that he's been followed by the very man he came to England to get away from: Rigaud. Satisfied that he has frightened the life out of the little Italian, Rigaud goes to a back street tavern where he encounters Flintwinch's twin brother, Ephraim. When he sees the box containing Mrs Clennam's secret papers, Rigaud immediately senses an opportunity...