Episode 3 of Little Dorrit

Episode 3 of Little Dorrit will be shown on Wednesday, 5 November, 2008 at 8-8:30 pm.

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Amy is moved by Arthur's kindness in paying for her brother, Tip's, release from the Marshalsea, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic continues. She is so moved that she takes the enormous risk of going, accompanied by her friend, Maggy, to his lodgings to thank him, regardless of the fact that she'll miss the curfew at the Marshalsea and will have to spend the rest of the night on the dangerous streets of London.

John Chivery, the turnkey's son, is broken-hearted to see Amy's interest in Arthur. John has carried a torch for Amy since childhood and is now forced to galvanise himself in order to seize his chance with her before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Pancks, full-time rent-collector and part-time sleuth, takes charge of Arthur's investigations into his family's past, leaving Arthur free to visit the Meagles family in Twickenham. Pet Meagles is as pretty and sweet-natured as he remembered but her servant and companion, Tattycoram, is increasingly troubled. It transpires that she has been in contact with the strange, aloof Miss Wade, whom they all encountered in Marseilles. What does Miss Wade want with the vulnerable Tattycoram?