Episode 3 of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Ep 3/5
Wednesday 7 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

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A few months have passed and Juliet goes into labour four weeks early while she's on remand, in the third episode of Peter Moffat's thrilling drama. Her daughter is born in hospital under prison guard. The baby gives Juliet a renewed sense of purpose but her future is not looking any less bleak.

Meanwhile, DCI Faber visits Joe's clerk, Saul, who clearly has a very biased view of events and would like to see Juliet convicted.

Dr Dominic Rose confides to Norma that his family is coming under increasing strain due to Ella's worsening mental state and they will not be able to foster her baby sister.

With Joe dead, Jack and Anna can use provocation as a defence – but only if Juliet gives them some details about what happened between them.

Saul, in the meantime, seems to be trying to groom Ella against her mother.

Norma tells Juliet there are no mother and baby unit places free so her baby will have to be fostered. At the last minute, a place becomes available and Juliet is delighted. However, a care plan has to be agreed for the baby's future. At the Family Court, Juliet is quizzed on her suitability to mother, considering her record of violence. Jack hopes that this experience and the court decision will make Juliet realise she will have to open up at the criminal trial if they are to save her from conviction and from losing her children.

DCI Faber and DI Sexton argue about the case once more. Sexton cannot countenance the possibility that Juliet might be freed and allowed to keep her children.