Episode 2 of Little Dorrit

Episode 2 of Little Dorrit will be shown on Thursday 30 October at 8:30 pm on BBC1. It is a half hour episode.

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Arthur strikes up a tentative friendship with Amy Dorrit, resolving to help her in any way he can, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of Charles Dickens's novel continues. He remains suspicious that his family might have been involved in Amy's father's downfall, and that this is what was on his own father's conscience when he died. If he can prove it, he can help put an end to the Dorrit family's longstanding woes, for good.

Though his mother remains cold and distant, one person delighted to see Arthur again is his childhood sweetheart, Flora Casby, who immediately sets about winning back his affections. However, Arthur's mind is still on the pretty Pet Meagles, whom he met on his journey back to England. He's therefore pleased when a chance meeting with Pet's father, Mr Meagles, results in an invitation to spend the weekend at the family home in Twickenham.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away in France, the sinister and cold-blooded murderer Rigaud, who is seemingly unconnected with the story so far, becomes reacquainted with his old cellmate, Cavalletto, who unwittingly plants the thought in Rigaud's mind about the idea of coming to England.