Episode 2 of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Ep 2/5
Tuesday 6 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

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It's the next morning and Joe remains in a critical state, as Peter Moffat's Bafta Award-winning drama continues. Juliet is examined by the police doctor but there are no signs of rape or physical abuse.

Juliet is refused bail but is full of hope that Joe will recover soon and be able to look after Ella while she's in jail. Once in prison, Juliet meets cellmates Angela and Jane, whose troubles highlight her own.

Meanwhile, solicitor Jack and barrister Anna worry about Juliet's defence and things are not looking good. They don't know how they are going to piece together a winning story when Juliet refuses to open up. She has admitted she stabbed her husband but has not said what led to such a heinous act.

In the outside world, social worker Norma arranges for Ella to go and live with her best friend, Kate, and her parents, Dr Dominic Rose and his wife, Amelia – friends of the Millers. Norma hopes it will provide Ella will some stability and comfort.

DI Sexton feels excited that he's already got the evidence to convict Juliet. He doesn't believe that she'll ever get off on self-defence – it was a calculated murder attempt, not a spontaneous action. DCI Faber tells DI Sexton he's got to maintain more of an open mind if they're to get to truth. Things are never black and white.

Later in the cell, Angela asks what Joe did to Juliet; she replies that Jack Woolf believes he raped her and she hasn't denied this claim. Jane is listening from the top bunk; the next day she says she's being transferred to another prison.

Norma believes it will help Ella to start to come to terms with what has happened if she sees her mother, so arranges for her to visit Juliet in prison. The meeting between mother and daughter is painful and breaks down when Juliet tells Ella that she did it for her.