Episode 11 of Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Ep 11/14
Wednesday 3 December
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

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Mr Merdle secures a position for Sparkler at the Circumlocution Office, as Andrew Davies's Dickensian adaptation continues. Mrs Merdle is, to say the least, gleeful at having got her son out of Fanny's clutches, but perhaps she is rejoicing too soon.

Amy is thrilled to think that she might return to London should Fanny marry Sparkler, but her hopes are dashed when her father orders her to remain in Venice until she is fit to appear in Society.

Fanny, meanwhile, detects a hint of romance between her father and Mrs General and is determined that her despised chaperone will never become her step-mother.

Back in London, Pancks shows Arthur an official handbill announcing that the French traveller Rigaud, last seen at the House Of Clennam, is missing, presumed murdered. Arthur is horrified that his respectable, but icy, mother is suspected of foul play.

When Cavalletto reveals that Rigaud himself is a murderer, Arthur rushes to Mrs Clennam to find out what has been going on and to try to clear her name.