Episode 10 of Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit Ep 10/14
Thursday 27 November
8.00-8.30pm BBC ONE

Read below for synopsis (Spoilers):

The English expats in Venice are thrown into each other's company a great deal, as Andrew Davies's adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic continues. While Mr Dorrit is overjoyed to be hobnobbing with the very cream of London Society abroad, Mrs Merdle is appalled to find her son, Edmund Sparkler, once more under Fanny Dorrit's spell. She will stop at nothing to prevent her son from such an ignoble match and enlists the help of her husband, Mr Merdle, to find any way they can of getting Sparkler away from Fanny.

Meanwhile, back in England, Mr and Mrs Meagles receive a visit from Henry Gowan's mother, the snobbish Mrs Gowan, who remains adamant in her self-invented myth that the Meagleses trapped her son into marriage.

At the Clennam house Arthur encounters the stranger Rigaud, recently returned from Venice, on his mother's doorstep. He realises immediately that Rigaud is a criminal, but what business could he possibly have with Mrs Clennam?