Episode 1 of Criminal Justice

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that Criminal Justice will air from October 5 through October 9 on BBC One. (thank you JaneV for finding this!)

Episode one airs 
5 October (BBC 1) 9:00 to 10:00 pm

Read further only if you are interested in spoilers!

Criminal Justice Ep 1/5
Monday 5 October
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE

As the series begins, respected barrister Joe Miller successfully prosecutes in a murder case. He's a man on top of his game. As he awaits the verdict he tries to call home, causing his wife, Juliet, to become increasingly panicked as she misses his calls.

Something's wrong. Juliet seems to be trying to cover her tracks. Upstairs, her daughter, Ella, plays with her best friend, Kate Rose.

When Joe arrives home he finds Juliet on the computer. She quickly hides what she's been doing. Joe checks up on her but she's wiped the internet history. He also looks at her medication packet and it appears that she's taken her anti-depressants.

Juliet is confused and it seems she's forgotten some of the ingredients for dinner. Joe suspects that Juliet is lying to him about her movements that day, but he makes sure dinner is fun for Ella and Kate.

Later that night, Joe is brutally stabbed while he is in bed. Juliet vanishes into the night, deeply traumatised, but calls 999 before she leaves.

Ella hears something and is horrified to find her father. Joe is rushed to hospital in a critical state. Police arrive at the scene and take Ella to the station, and she is accompanied by social worker Norma.

Later, Juliet turns up at the hospital and is distressed and behaving erratically. She is arrested by DCI Faber, taken to the station and checked into the system. She's a fragile mess and DI Sexton knows it. Sexton's wife, Flo, swings into action and gets Juliet ready for interview. Jack Woolf, duty solicitor, advises Juliet not to say anything to anyone, but will she?