Epic: More information and photos from the set in Frankfurt

Redcarpetreports.de has posted photos and a report from the set of Epic. 

As translated by google:

World star Matthew Mcfadyen filming in Frankfurt am Main and Hesse.

Matthew Mcfadyen, best known as Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice", from movies such as "The Three Musketeers" and "Anna Karenina" (but also for example from "Frost / Nixon"), removes the regency costumes and slips into comfortable corduroy jackets and scarves to embody a young director in Ben Hopkins new movie "Epic". But even with scarf, corduroy jacket and backpack on the set in Frankfurt, the charismatic Matthew Mcfadyen never loses his dignified bearing and unique charisma.

And about the filming locations:

Now five days of shooting take place in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and surrounding regions (for example a castle in Büdingen) and then one day of filming in London

And about the story of Epic

The story of "Epic" is about the award winning film director Emil Miller (Matthew Mcfadyen), invited by the fictional small country located in the Caucasus "Autonomous Republic Karastan" to the local and international film festivals honored here. President Aleluyev (Richard van Weyden) asks him to film an epic story of the national hero Tannat, who earlier lost his mother and was then raised by an eagle (The animal selection of this heroic saga is my personal favorite detail). The director, who notices the grim military in the country, but also the charming President and seductive festival director (MyAnna Buring), begins a journey full of adventures by political and psychological nature, sex and love.

(thanks to marina!)