Epic: Ali Cook talks about Epic and working with Matthew Macfadyen

IndieLondon spoke with actor Ali Cook about some of his most recent projects, including Epic.  It's a wonderful interview where Ali also speaks about Matthew Macfadyen on set.  Here are some of the highlights about Matthew

Q. And then there’s Epic alongside Matthew Macfadyen…

Ali Cook: Epic is interesting. It’s being produced by Film & Music Entertainment (F&ME), which is a different type of production company. In my opinion, it’s one of the most exciting independent producers in Britain. They do incredibly artistic films, such as White Lightnin’, which did really well on the festival circuit a few years ago for its director, Dominic Murphy. I’ve actually got a good relationship with them and have done some writing work with them. I only have a small role in Epic. But Ben Hopkins is making it and he’s a very talented writer, let alone director. What was really amazing to me on that was that I’ve only ever seen Matthew Macfadyen playing Mr Darcy and being the romantic lead in period dramas. But with Epic, he’s playing this washed up film director who gets sent over to a former Russian state (which has been invented for the purpose of the film) because the dictator of this small country wants him to make a film about that country and how he became its dictator. And a comedy of errors ensues. One of the women involved ends up leading a revolution against the dictator, the Russian mafia kidnaps a key worker and won’t release him until they get a starring role in film. But Matthew is hilarious in it. He has amazing comedy timing.


Q. Did you share scenes with him?

Ali Cook: I did. He’s really, really funny. I liken him to Martin Freeman and how he was the everyman surrounded by nutters in The Office. Epic has that tone.


Q. How much do you learn from going toe to toe with co-stars such as Luke Treadaway and Matthew Macfadyen?

Ali Cook: Well, particularly with Matthew, it’s not going to get any better for an English actor. He’s the best of the best really. I guess you just learn by doing it. But it’s great just to be able to do scenes with someone like him. And he was just really good fun to work with and hang out with. We were filming in a DIY shop and this was the most phenomenal DIY shop I’ve ever seen. It was like a giant warehouse, so in between takes we’d be walking about looking at the most amazing drills you can buy and tool-kits that only your father would want for Father’s Day… tools with stag handles and things like that. It was a really fun time.

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