Baz Bamigboye confirms more details about "Any Human Heart"

Matthew Macfadyen had already confirmed that he would be in Channel 4's four part TV series based on William Boyd's "Any Human Heart".  Now Baz is giving us further details:

Matthew Macfadyen and Jim Broadbent will play the ubiquitous Logan Mountstuart in a lavish four-part Channel 4 drama that zooms in on pivotal moments of the last century.

Mountstuart is the central character of William Boyd's novel Any Human Heart. Although fictional, he seems to have been a witness to history.

At one point, he finds himself in a 'bierkeller' in Munich and asks a thin, diminutive man in a blue suit with a neatly shaved moustache where the toilet is. Later Mountstuart learns that the funny little man was Adolf Hitler.

Logan keeps notes of all his encounters - he meets royalty, famous writers (including Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War and Ian Fleming in World War II). Boyd's novel took the form of Logan's journal entries, kept through the decades.

However, in adapting his book for C4, Boyd has had to introduce a lot of dialogue and bring his disparate elements together in a stunning screenplay.

An actor is being sought to play young Logan, after which Macfadyen and then Broadbent take over - though Broadbent appears throughout, looking back over our hero's long life.