Any Human Heart Review

The has a review for the upcoming airing of PBS' Masterpiece showing of Any Human Heart beginning this Sunday Feb 13.

At times fantastical but nonetheless relatable, "Any Human Heart" is a high-wire act that thrives due to the script and the performances. Boyd's screenplay is clever, droll and human. Mountstuart is realistically fleshed out, filled with foibles, naïveté and a degree of selfishness that allow him to constantly evolve -- even to the detriment of others.

The trio charged with giving life to such a man does so with brio, gravitas and gumption. Claflin brings out Mountstuart's innocence and zest for life, making it engrained in the character from the beginning. Macfadyen does the heaviest lifting by revealing Mountstuart's heart and picking up the pieces as it's shattered more than once. Not to be outdone, Broadbent picks up where Claflin and Macfadyen leave off, layering in the shadows of a man haunted by those who were taken from him, as well as from the mistakes he's made, yet enjoying the freedom that comes when peace is finally made within.

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